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Why Choose ShopSocially?

ShopSocially helped us unravel the power of word-of-mouth recommendations. We got new customers and incremental revenue.

Jessica Klein,Director of E-Commerce, Carol’s Daughter
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Social testimonials created out of social sharing of purchases are resulting in uplift in sales conversion and an improvement in SEO rank.

Jennifer Nuckles,CMO, Plum District
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ShopSocially’s social commerce solution delivered beyond our expectations. Our shoppers turned into brand ambassadors recommending our products to their friends.

Sumant Sridharan,VP, CafePress
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ShopSocially has proved that social commerce can generate real, impactful ROI. They delivered immediate results.

Ron Berrett,CEO, Linen Tablecloth
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Proven Results.  Definite ROI. No Excuses!
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- Get word-of-mouth recommendations, add social testimonials automatically - Acquire new customers, increase revenue & conversions

Product Stories

- Incorporate auto-generated social testimonials on your website - Increase revenue & conversions by adding “social proof” on product pages


- Increase revenue & conversion through “social discovery” - Improve SEO rank through incremental site backlinks to product pages

Social Connect

- Acquire rich facebook profiles including email, birthdate, friend list etc. - Enable word-of-mouth recommendations for your website


- Increase revenue & conversion by enabling better decision making - Acquire new customers by engaging your users’ friends in the buying cycle


- Acquire qualified facebook fans rapidly - Increase revenue & conversion because fans convert to sales better


- Improve SEO Rank by increasing “social signals” on your website - Increase revenue & conversion through referrals


- Add instant virality to email campaigns - Increase sales by up to 3x

Viral Flash Sales

- Monetize Facebook fans and email lists to increase revenues - Acquire new customers through word-of-mouth recommendations

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