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New customer acquisition is an important initiative for every business. ShopSocially can help you acquire new customers through social channels.

  • Here is a quick video on how you can acquire new customers using ShopSocially Social Commerce Platform:

    Below are a couple of successful strategies that online retailers on ShopSocially social commerce platform are using to acquire new customers.

    Referral Traffic

    Every social action taken by a user with ShopSocially creates a new post in social networks. This enables word-of-mouth viral spread about your website and your products. New customers click on the posts and visit your website to make a purchase. Typically, these new customers who click through to your website after reading a friend’s post are much more likely to convert compared to an average user. Refer-a-Friend , Viral Offer Sharing and Viral Flash Sale apps create friend traffic from like posts. Share-a-Purchase creates referral traffic when friends click on shared purchases. Ask-a-Friend enables shoppers to engage their friends in buying decisions by creating polls. This brings the shopper’s friends to your website.

  • Case Study:

    ShopSocially helped us unravel the power of word-of-mouth recommendations. We got new customers and incremental revenue.
    – Jessica Klein – Director of E-Commerce, Carol’s Daughter
    View Case Study


    Facebook Fan Monetization

    Acquire new customers from your Facebook fan page. Viral Flash Sale app can enable you to monetize Facebook fans in an extremely effective manner. You can quickly create a Groupon-like flash sale in minutes and promote it via Facebook offers and email. See the Facebook Case Study for details.

    Case Study:

    ShopSocially‘s social commerce solution delivered beyond our expectations. Our shoppers turned into brand ambassadors recommending our products to their friends. We are getting significant brand impressions, clicks and sales from previously untapped social media channels.
    – Sumant Sridharan, Vice President, Cafepress
    View Case Study


    Check out some of the other benefits of ShopSocially.

  • Benefits Matrix

    App Name Increase Conversion & Revenues Acquire  New Customers Improve SEO Rank Get fans & rich customer profiles Word-of-mouth Recommendations Social Insights & Analytics
    Share-a-Purchase Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Product Stories Yes         Yes
    Shopping Community Yes   Yes     Yes
    Get-a-Fan Yes     Yes   Yes
    Refer-a-Friend Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Social Connect Yes     Yes Yes Yes
    Ask-a-Friend Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes
    Viral Offer Sharing Yes Yes     Yes Yes
    Viral Flash Sale Yes Yes     Yes Yes

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