Product Stories

Product Stories are stories and sentiments behind every purchase. These are collected using Share-a-Purchase app and can be used as “social proof” on product pages to increase conversion.

Product Stories app provides customizable options to display these stories on product pages.

How It Works?

Key Benefits

  • Up to 17% increase in conversion rate
  • Social proof increases confidence in a purchase
  • Get SEO uplift by natively integrating stories on product pages via API
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Key Features

  • Sidebar display on product pages
  • Automatically relate stories to products
  • Story threshold to control product stories display
  • Manual story moderation
  • Automatic moderation based on stop words
  • Mobile-enabled

Integration Requirements

Copy and paste a simple Javascript tag on your website to enable the ShopSocially platform. Once the platform is enabled, all ShopSocially programs can be activated on-demand without any modification to the website.

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Suggested Deployment

  • Display stories on product pages with the threshold set to 2

Applicable verticals

This app is appropriate for retailers and brands.

Customer Testimonials

"ShopSocially’s social commerce apps helped invino drive valuable word-of-mouth promotions resulting in a marked increase in revenue growth."

Tony Westfall, CEO, invino

"Social testimonials created out of social sharing of purchases are resulting in uplift in sales conversion and an improvement in SEO rank."

Jennifer Nuckles – CMO, Plum District

Case Study:

Carol's Daughter

“ShopSocially helped us unravel the power of word-of-mouth recommendations. We got new customers and incremental revenue.”

– Jessica Klein – Director of E-Commerce, Carol’s Daughter

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