Turn your buyers into brand ambassadors. Encourage your buyers to share their purchases with friends. Gather stories and sentiments associated with each purchase. The Share-a-Purchase app enables you to implement a post-purchase friend referral program on your website. It also generates Product Stories that can be used as social proof to improve conversion. This app is part of the following solution set: Product Stories

How It Works

Key Benefits

  • Up to 10% of the customers will share their purchases with friends
  • Each post will generate up to 5 referral clicks
  • Resulting product stories can be embedded on the product pages to improve conversion rate by an average of 17%
  • Rich analytics including identifying social influencers, trending products and more
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Key Features_by ShopSocially

Key Features

  • Post-purchase Referrals via email, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Flexible incentives to encourage sharing e.g. single-use coupons, sweepstakes, kickbacks etc.
  • Capture stories and sentiments behind each purchase in the form of a product story
  • Automatic inclusion on trending products page
  • API access to product stories
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Template driven, customizable layout to match your brand
  • A/B testing in show/no-show mode to accurately measure the impact
  • A/B testing in experimentation mode to find the best strategy
  • Personalization options to show different messages/offers to users based on their demographics, social profile, purchase history etc.
  • Detailed reports and analytics showing engagement, conversions, referrals, ROI etc.

Integration Requirements

To enable Share-a-Purchase, an advanced JavaScript tag must be placed on the post-purchase, order confirmation page of your site. This is the only app where an advanced JavaScript tag needs to be placed. For all other apps, the standard integration is sufficient.

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Suggested Deployment

  • Add the Share-a-Purchase app on the post-checkout, order confirmation/thank you page
  • Configure to have it displayed automatically in a light box after every transaction

Applicable verticals

Any business where a purchase is completed via an online transaction such as retailers, brands, travel sites, credit cards, airlines, car rentals etc.

Customer Testimonials

"ShopSocially‘s social commerce solution delivered beyond our expectations. Our shoppers turned into brand ambassadors recommending our products to their friends. We are getting significant brand impressions, clicks and sales from previously untapped social media channels."

Sumant Sridharan, Vice President, Cafepress

"ShopSocially has allowed us to harness the power of peer-to-peer social conversation and influence to promote our products, increasing conversion and revenues for our online properties."

Matteo Recanatini, Web & Social Media Manager for Beretta

Case study:

plum-district “Social testimonials created out of social sharing of purchases are resulting in uplift in sales conversion and an improvement in SEO rank.” – Jennifer Nuckles – CMO, Plum District

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