Social Connect

Social Connect provides a much needed boost to the traditional email acquisition lightbox. It leverages Facebook connect to acquire genuine email addresses and rich user profile data. Additionally, each Facebook connect is accompanied by a Facebook post which brings in additional subscribers virally. Flexible incentivization options drive high engagement rate.

This app is part of the following solution set: Viral Email Acquisition

How It Works?

Key Benefits

  • Get 2-5% of your website visitors to become email subscribers
  • Get rich profiles that include email, birthday, gender, location, likes and much more
  • 2-5 clicks for each Facebook post leads to viral email acquisition and incremental sales
  • Users never leave the site. Inline delivery of incentives encourages immediate use
  • Gamification option of ‘earning’ an incentive increases conversion rate by 5-7x
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Key Features_by ShopSocially

Key Features

  • Flexible incentivization options that include generic or single use coupons, sweepstakes etc.
  • Automatic population of emails and profile data into popular CRM and email systems.
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Template driven, customizable layout to match your brand
  • A/B testing in show/no-show mode to accurately measure the impact
  • A/B testing in experimentation mode to find the best strategy
  • Rule-based targeting engine to control where and when the app is shown
  • Personalization options to show different messages/offers to users based on their demographics, social profile, purchase history etc.
  • Detailed reports and analytics showing engagement, conversions, referrals, ROI etc.

Integration Requirements

Copy and paste a simple JavaScript tag on your website to enable the ShopSocially platform. Once the platform is enabled, all ShopSocially programs can be activated on-demand without any modification to the website.

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Suggested Deployment_by ShopSocially

Suggested Deployment

  • Show Social Connect app on the home page. Replace existing email acquisition lightbox if any
  • Set up app so as to not display, if the visitor has already connected on Facebook

Applicable verticals

Any business which is looking to acquire genuine email subscribers rapidly can use the Social Connect app.

Customer Testimonials

"ShopSocially is turning our customers into social brand ambassadors."

Jerrad Green, Owner at Vintage Marquee Lights

"We are impressed by ShopSocially’s innovative social commerce solutions."

Erin Siefring – Social Media Coordinator, Totally Promotional

Case Study:


“ShopSocially is getting us high quality social referral traffic. Their built-in A/B testing feature helped us evaluate the exact business impact of our social commerce strategy.”

– Mark Sarpa, CEO, Frecklebox

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