• Get-a-fan

The Get-a-Fan app offers a discount in return for the visitor becoming a fan. Typically, it turns 2-5% of website visitors into qualified Facebook fans. Visitors who earn an incentive in return for becoming a fan convert 5-7X better than other visitors.

Facebook fan has a lifetime value of $136. Your website visitors are your real fans. There is no need to buy fake fans just to increase your fan count.  Thus, Get-a-Fan helps increase revenue & conversionsgather fans & rich user profiles and get deep social insights. Merchant has full control over the visual look and the behavior of this app.

  • Key Benefits
    • Turn your visitors into Facebook fans. They are your real fans.
    • 100X better results than a standard Facebook fan widget
    • Improve conversion (people get an incentive to become a fan are 10X more likely to convert)
    • Increase sales
    • No coding or website changes
  • Key Features
    • Offer incentives to visitors to become a fan
    • Set up multiple Facebook fan offers for your visitors
    • Multiple Facebook fan offers can be rotated randomly on each website page. Experiment with fan offers to figure out what works best for each page.
    • Use the rule-based targeting engine to control the mapping between pages and fan offers.
    • View detailed fan campaign reports. Decide which fan offer is performing the best
  • Where can it be embedded?

    This app can be embedded on your website. You do not need to modify the layout or contents of your website. The Get-a-fan app is shown as an overlay on top of your website.

    This app can be embedded in the form of a sidebar or a seamlessly integrated button that matches the layout of your page. You can control whether the slider is displayed automatically.

  • Integration Requirements

    Cut and paste a simple Javascript tag to enable the ShopSocially platform. Once the platform is enabled, all social apps can be activated on-demand without any modification to the website.

  • Additional Resources

    Check out the help center to get lots of additional information about this social app.

    • Feature info
    • Implementation & integration
    • Screenshots, videos, live examples
    • Case studies, Customer stories
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