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When shoppers share their purchases via ShopSocially’s Share-a-Purchase app, each share generates a social testimonial. With the Product Stories app, these testimonials can be shown on product pages as “social proof” to significantly increase sales conversion.

Traditional product reviews are very important for customer conversion, but it is very hard to get reviews. ShopSocially’s Product Stories app helps create shopper testimonials at the point-of-sale. Additionally, it helps increase revenue & conversions on product pages, and to get deep social insights.

  • Key Benefits
    • Automatically generate user testimonials
    • Generate testimonials at 10 times the rate of traditional product reviews
    • Enable “social buzz” on product pages to increase conversion
    • Natively integrate testimonials on product pages via API for SEO benefit
  • Key Features
    • Enable “social buzz” on product pages without any programming
    • Each shared purchase is automatically stored as a testimonial
    • Filter out negative testimonials
    • Set up testimonial display thresholds
    • Integrate testimonials natively on the website via simple REST API
  • Integration Requirements

    Both basic and advanced integration tags are required on the website. The Share-a-Purchase app must be enabled to accumulate testimonials.

  • Where can it be embedded?

    This app can be embedded in the form of a sidebar or a seamlessly integrated button that matches the layout of your page. You can control whether the slider is displayed automatically.

  • Want Product Stories?

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