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This app encourages your users to share real-life photos of the usage of your products using their mobile phone. These can be photos of un-boxing the product, unique or novel usage of product or just an attractive picture featuring the product; especially relevant for fashion or beauty products.

Users can add comments along with the photos shared via this app. This creates social photo testimonials for your website which can be displayed on your website and/or on your Facebook page as a separate tab. Additionally, each shared photo is posted on social networks for maximum virality.


Share-on-Mobile can also be used for running photo popularity contest using social voting. Product photos shared by customers can be entered into a popularity contest based on Facebook Likes received by the photo. Retailers can create a separate tab on their Facebook page or a dedicated page on their website for the contest to display all participating photos and their associated social actions. This adds a gamification aspect to social commerce and can significantly boost the word-of-mouth publicity for the e-commerce brand.

Share-on-Mobile Gallery
  • Key Benefits
    • Drive word-of-mouth advertisement through photo social testimonials
    • Generate valuable user-generated content in form of product-usage photos
    • Get lots of social traffic. Drive the visitor’s friends to your website
    • Generate user testimonials rapidly
    • Increase conversion by using these user testimonials appropriately
    • Improve SEO rank (through SEO Hooks API and inclusion on ShopSocially site)
    • No technical integration needed – app can get started in matter of minutes
  • Key Features
    • Create visual social testimonials which converts at higher rate
    • Distribute each shared purchase far and wide via Facebook, twitter, email, notifications etc.
    • Run interesting photo popularity contest using social voting
    • Automatic inclusion of mobile testimonials/product usage photos along with comments on ShopSocially website for SEO benefits
    • Shared product testimonials are available for inclusion on your website via shopping community, product stories or the SEO Hooks API
    • Set up multiple instances of Share-on-Mobile app
    • View detailed Share-on-Mobile campaign reports. Decide which app instance is performing the best
  • Where can it be embedded?

    This app can run off-site. Retailers can direct their customers to a custom URL on which users can share their product usage photos. For photo popularity contests, this URL can be the landing page for the contest. This is completely independent of the website and retailer can choose any location they want to generate and showcase the social photo testimonials.

  • Integration Requirements

    ZERO integration effort required from retailer. Share-on-Mobile needs no technical integration with e-commerce website.

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