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After the shopper has completed buying, the Share-a-Purchase app incentivizes shoppers to share their purchase with friends via Facebook, Twitter and email. Social sharing of purchases increases repeat buying, generates social referrals and drives quality friend traffic leading to referral sales.

Every shared purchase is converted into a social testimonial from a real customer. These social testimonials can be shown in an attractive gallery view to drive social discovery of products, as “social buzz” on the product pages and natively on any page of the website via the SEO Hooks API. These social testimonials become social proof and result in social demand generation.

The Share-a-Purchase app helps increase revenue & conversions, acquire new customers, improve SEO rank, gather fans & rich user profiles, get deep social insights and enable word-of-mouth recommendations.

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  • Key Benefits
    • Turn shoppers into brand ambassadors
    • Generate social referrals
    • Create social proof leading to social demand generation
    • Get lots of social traffic which converts at a high rate on your site
    • Incentivize shoppers for repeat purchases
    • Social discovery of products by aggregated view of social testimonials
    • Increase conversion by using testimonials as social proof on product pages
    • Improve SEO rank (through SEO Hooks API and inclusion on ShopSocially site)
    • No coding or website changes required
  • Key Features
    • Offer shoppers an incentive for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, email
    • Distribute each shared purchase far and wide via Facebook, Twitter, email, notifications etc.
    • Automatic inclusion on ShopSocially website for SEO benefits
    • Shared product testimonials are available for inclusion on your website via shopping community, product stories or the SEO Hooks API
    • Set up multiple instances of Share-a-purchase app
    • View detailed Share-a-purchase campaign reports. Decide which app instance is performing the best
  • Where can it be embedded?

    This app is typically embedded on the order confirmation page on your website. You do not need to modify the layout or contents of your website. The Share-a-purchase app is shown as an overlay on top of your order confirmation page

  • Integration Requirements

    Cut and paste a Javascript tag to enable this feature on the ShopSocially platform. This is an advanced integration compared to the integration for platform inclusion and may take up to 60 minutes.

  • Additional Resources

    Check out the help center to get lots of additional information about this social app.

    • Feature info
    • Implementation & integration
    • Screenshots, videos, live examples
    • Case studies, Customer stories
Customer Case Studies
Social testimonials created out of social sharing of purchases are resulting in uplift in sales conversion and an improvement in SEO rank.
– Jennifer Nuckles – CMO, Plum District
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ShopSocially has allowed us to harness the power of peer-to-peer social conversation and influence to promote our products, increasing conversion and revenues for our online properties.
– Matteo Recanatini, Web & Social Media Manager for Beretta
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