• Shopping Community

All purchases shared by shoppers and their testimonials via the Share-a-Purchase app can be shown in the form of a shopping community on the website or on the merchant’s facebook page.

The merchant can show visitors what their friends and other shoppers have bought and what they have to say, and enable visitors to interact with other shoppers. Allowing open communication increases the visitor’s trust in the merchant’s brand.

This app promotes social discovery and reinforces social proof. This app helps increase revenue & conversions, improve SEO rank and to get deep social insights.

  • Key Benefits
    • Increase visitor engagement on your Facebook page and website by up to 30%
    • Enable social discovery of your products
    • Increase trust in your brand by displaying shopper testimonials
    • Increase sales from social discovery traffic
    • No coding required
  • Key Features
    • Enable a shopping community on facebook and on your website
    • Display top shopper leaderboard
    • Show top shared products and corresponding testimonials
    • Display a stream of shoppers, their product purchases and their testimonials
    • Enable social product search
    • Include on Facebook Fan page or your website.
  • Where can it be embedded?

    This app is typically embedded on your website or as a special tab on your Facebook fan page.

  • Integration Requirements
    • Both Basic and Advanced Integration of ShopSocially code on your website are required.
    • Integration on your Facebook page takes just a few clicks, no coding required.
    • Integration on your website requires you to paste iframe code (provided by ShopSocially) on your website. This is usually a straightforward process.
  • Additional Resources

    Check out the help center to get lots of additional information about this social app.

    • Feature info
    • Implementation & integration
    • Screenshots, videos, live examples
    • Case studies, Customer stories
    • Want this app on your website? Give ShopSocially a spin.
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