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The Social Connect app is like “Email Acquisition 2.0”. It helps you collect rich social profiles of your website visitors. These profiles are much richer than simple email addresses. With Social Connect, you will get email, photo, birthday, location, gender, friend graph, interests and much more.

This app can be seamlessly embedded on your website and is a much more powerful way to acquire profiles than traditional newsletter subscription pop-ups. In addition, each with each Facebook Connect, a user also has the option to share your website with friends. This creates additional word-of-mouth virality. Replace your email acquisition pop-ups with Social Connect and see the results.

Social Connect helps increase revenue & conversions, gather fans & rich user profiles, get deep social insights and enable word-of-mouth recommendations.
  • Key Benefits
    • Acquire rich social profiles, not just email addresses
    • Get word-of-mouth branding
    • Create a deeper customer connection
    • Tap into your customer’s social graph for virality
  • Key Features
    • Offer your visitors a promotion to do a Facebook Connect
    • Set up multiple promotions for your website. Promotions can be changed as often as you want
    • Use the rule-based targeting engine to control promotion placement on your website
    • Promotions can include deals, offers, videos, events, news etc.
    • Promotion configuration is controlled from the ShopSocially dashboard. No need to change the website as your change your promotion
    • See detailed reports and download rich customer profiles to an Excel file
  • Where can it be embedded?

    This app can be embedded in the form of a sidebar or a seamlessly integrated button that matches the layout of your page. You can control whether the slider is displayed automatically.

  • Integration Requirements

    Cut and paste a simple Javascript tag to enable the ShopSocially platform. Once the platform is enabled, all social apps can be activated on-demand without any modification to the website.

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