• Viral Offer Sharing

The Viral Offer Sharing app embeds social into email marketing campaigns to help these campaigns spread virally. Users must like the deal to unlock it. Creates word-of-mouth virality and increases revenues from email by as much as 200%.

This app helps increase revenue & conversions, acquire new customers, get deep social insights and enable word-of-mouth recommendations.

  • Key Benefits
    • Allow your online campaign to spread virally via word-of-mouth
    • Get viral reach instead of linear reach.
    • Improve conversion
    • Increase sales by 3X
  • Key Features
    • Embed Viral Offer Sharing into your email, facebook, twitter or other online campaigns.
    • Each visitors who unlocks the offer spreads it socially
    • Use with any online campaign even if it is not related to your website.
    • Change the campaign as often as your want
    • Zero integration. No coding.
    • Simple setup. Set up in 15 minutes. You get a viral offer link.
    • Use Viral Offer Link instead of your normal landing page
  • Integration Requirements

    No integration required. This feature is available on a single campaign basis. No need to sign up for a ShopSocially subscription.

  • Where can it be embedded?

    This app can be embedded in your email, Facebook or Twitter campaigns. Viral Offer Sharing is not embedded on your website.

  • Additional Resources

    Check out the help center to get lots of additional information about this social app.

    • Feature info
    • Implementation & integration
    • Screenshots, videos, live examples
    • Case studies, Customer stories
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