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The video series covers the best practices for implementing a loyalty program for your business. The video series highlights all the aspects of a modern day loyalty program with a 360 degree engagement perspective.

Why is a loyalty program important for a business?

  • Learn why a well designed loyalty program is a must for your business
  • How customer retention can help you boost your business profitability

When should a business think about a loyalty program?

  • Learn why should you implement a loyalty program even before you acquire your first customer

How much money should a business invest in a loyalty program?

  • Get insights into how much should you invest in a loyalty program 
  • Smart guidelines for computing your loyalty marketing budget

What should be the components of a loyalty program?

  • Insights into the essential components of a loyalty program
  • Tips on how to engage a customer in a 360 degree manner to boost repeat sales

How should I name my loyalty program?

  • Guidelines on naming your loyalty program to make it attractive and popular

How do I name my reward points?

  • Tips on naming your rewards points to boost emotional connect with your audience

What are the key features to look for in a modern-day loyalty program?

  • Get insights into the must have features  required for a modern day loyalty program

What are the most common redemption options in a loyalty program?

  • Insights into the top four commonly used redemption options

How do I promote the loyalty program?

  • Top 5 best practices for promoting a loyalty program for  maximum results

For more information on implementing a 360 degree loyalty program for your business? Visit our customer loyalty app page.