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There is no argument that product reviews help customers make better buying decisions. However, if that’s the only form of social proof you have on the site, you are sorely missing out on the social media revolution.

The idea behind Product Stories is to add an entirely new dimension of social proof. Product Stories capture the stories and sentiment behind every transaction. These sentiments can be captured at the moment of transaction when the customers are most willing to do so. In fact, Product Stories can generate an average of 125x more social proof than reviews. Adding both reviews and Product Stories on the site will create the maximum impact.

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Key Benefits

  • Up to 17% uplift in conversion rate
  • Average of 125x more participation compared to product reviews
  • 5%-10% of customers are willing to share Product Stories
  • Huge SEO benefit by generating non-stop, unique UGC for your business

Key Features

  • Gamification options to maximize participation
  • Ability to capture customer sentiment both at the point of transaction and, in case of e-commerce, at the point of delivery
  • Pre-built display widgets for instant deployment
  • API option for full customization
  • Complete moderation ability including stop words
  • Personalization and targeting options
  • Tracking & analytics dashboard
  • A/B Testing

How does ShopSocially deliver it?

ShopSocially platform contains the following apps to capture and display Product Stories. Here’s a quick overview of the apps. Please contact us to talk to an expert and learn about the best option for your business.

Share-a-Purchase App

What better time to get referrals than when a customer has just completed a transaction? This app encourages every customer to share her purchase with friends, turning her into a brand ambassador. Voting with the purse is the strongest form of endorsement there is. Prepare to be amazed!

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Share-a-Purchase App

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Product Stories App

product reviews

Product Stories App

Product Stories App works in conjunction with the Share-a-Purchase App. Share-a-Purchase captures user sentiment behind every purchase on the order confirmation page and shares them on the social channels. Product Stories App captures these sentiments and displays them on the individual product pages in real time.

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Trending Products App

Ever peeked into someone else’s shopping cart and had the “I’ll have what she’s having” moment? This is a digital version of peek-a-cart which displays what other shoppers are buying in real time. Trending Now beats stale reviews any day.

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Trending Products App

trending products

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