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A recent Forrester research showed that 90% of the customers trust their friend opinions more than any other form of recommendation (the remaining 10% of course need new friends!)

The convenience of online shopping also comes with a downside. There are no friends to help guide one into making the crucial ‘this or that’ decision. Product reviews just don’t cut it when someone is trying to figure out the right color or the style. These indecisions often result in a loss of sale.
The idea behind Shop with Friends is to create an easy way to involve friends in a purchase decision.

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Key Benefits

  • Up to 5% uplift in conversion rate due to better decision making
  • Every friend poll generates incremental, qualified traffic
  • Poll responses give insights into customer likes and dislikes – critical information for the merchandising team
  • Gain insights into customer decision process

Key Features

  • Multiple integration/display options available
  • Ability to offer a ‘thank you’ incentive to friends for helping
  • Tracking & analytics dashboard
  • Personalization rules to target only ‘indecisive’ shoppers

How does ShopSocially deliver it?

ShopSocially platform contains the following app to help create a friend poll in real time. Here’s a quick overview of the app. Please contact us to talk to an expert and learn about the best option for your business.

Ask-a-Friend App

Ask-a-Friend is an embeddable app that delivers a poll creation functionality for any website. It supports multiple modes of interactions ranging from user initiated polls to predicting indecision and proactively offering to create a poll. Friends are redirected to the business website for responding to polls resulting in incremental traffic and brand exposure.

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Ask-a-Friend App

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